About The Distributed

An independent and objective view on the future of money and the internet. By investors, distributed to the world.

Why The Distributed?

We believe a complicated industry requires simple explanations.

We believe transparency fosters trust.

We believe in Apple’s motto to “think different”.

We believe that innovations are never discovered by traveling the same road twice.

We believe in constantly learning.

We believe that information should be more readily accessible.

We believe in facts over opinions.

We believe that if something doesn’t make sense you must question it.

We believe there is always more information out there, it is just a matter of discovering it.

Most importantly, we believe we are all making history in this space. This is our contribution.

The Way Of The Distributed

Great Isn’t Good Enough: Striving to be more than great will bring more than striving to be great.

Write With Simplicity: Maximal information, minimal words. No filler, no rambling.

Embrace The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Be agile, seek change, discover opportunity and always adapt and grow.

Write To Be Read: Our product is what we distribute to you, not you.

Report With Integrity: Report the right thing, and understand both sides of the story.

Writing To Be Read

The Distributed is an independent media source. We are not funded or sourced from outside capital. We do not let politics affect our integrity. Any sponsorships or advertisements are clearly labelled, so there is always a balance behind the actual motive of reportage.

Our explanation will always provide the correct information – popular or unpopular. As an investor, it is vital to understand the truth behind the news, and sugarcoating doesn’t make your decision any better.

The Minds Distributing A Web Of Information

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